Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Go Habs Go!

Yesterday when I arrived at work I saw that they were setting up for a blood drive in the concourse in the building I work in...a little later when I went downstairs to get the mail I saw the RDS flags (local sports TV network) curiousity was definitely piqued! I mean, we get alot of events happening in our building - the annual "Mondial de la Bière" (International Beer Festival and yes I go to this one!), tatoo convention, conferences, parties, etc. - but to see RDS here was a definite first...for me anyways!

Back upstairs I heard on the radio that the Montreal Canadians and Hema Quebec were hosting the 25th annual blood drive in our building! Of course, this had to be on the day that I was super busy and there was no way I could get away from work to go give hoo! This must be your favourite hockey team, you ask? Uhhh, actually I don't even like hockey (actually not fond of watching most sports in general) but it probably would've been the closest I would have ever come to meeting anyone famous! And, of course, Marc would've been soooo jealous because the Canadians are his favourite team...hehehe...

Later in the afternoon, I went down to get a coffee and I saw a zillion kids in hockey jerseys crowding around some hockey players for autographs! RDS was filming and a bunch of reporters were taking was like watching the red carpet at the Oscars with all the flashes going off...I wish I had had our digital camera at that moment...darn it?!#@ Now don't ask me who was who...I have no idea but from what I read this morning most of the players showed up at some point during the day and the alumni filled in when they had to leave for practice...Huet was there, Higgins, Komisarek, Gorges, Ryder, Samsonov, Streit, Murray, Aebischer, Latendresse, Halak...

Editing to Add: Pictures are now posted on their website...
in “select category” go to “community” and then in “select gallery” go to “Canadians 25th annual blood drive”
The pictures below are from a Fan Forum on the Canadians website...

Go habs go!






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