Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Cookbook!

I'm so excited...

One minute I'm grumbling to myself as I am preparing the invoices at work and the next I'm beaming ear to ear! What happened you say??? The latest cookbook I ordered just came in the mail today - Everyday Food: Great Food Fast!

I was so afraid there wouldn't be any left by the time it got to the stores that I pre-ordered it months ago. Part of the addiction, I guess...And, yes, I do have an addiction to cookbooks in addition to my addiction to desserts! Last time I counted I had about 35 cookbooks, give or take one or two, and that was AFTER I purged quite a few! I must not be feeling well though because I FORGOT that I had ordered it and was therefore not expecting it hence the excitement! You can be sure they will be quite a few reviews from this book in the near future!

I've settled down and composed myself now....Okay, back to work....

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