Monday, April 30, 2007

Milles Femmes Montréal....

The weirdest thing happened to me this week...a business acquaintance called me to tell me that she submitted my name to take part in a photography project by a french photographer, Pierre Maraval! After making sure it was legit, I accepted! This is the description of the project from the website 1000 Femmes Montreal:

Mille femmes Montréal Photographic work by Pierre Maraval; a tribute to Quebec's exceptional women.

MILLE FEMMES / Montreal is a monumental project and an exceptional performance by artist Pierre Maraval which will be exhibited between April 4th and May 26th 2007 at the galerie [sas] in partnership with Lancôme.

This project entails photographing 1000 women of all origins, ages and occupations. MILLE FEMMES / Montreal is above all a unique technical performance which will be made possible thanks to the most current digital technology. All the portraits will be printed and progressively displayed on the gallery walls, thus creating the mosaic of 1000 faces. The completed work will be presented at the galerie [sas] from May 16th to June 16th.

These women, who embody contemporary Québec society, come together to create a network united by the work itself. Like the links of a chain, each woman is asked to invite other women to join and take part in the project. The result will be a tribute, a kind of instantaneity of Quebec’s society of women and of its lively strength.

This mosaic belongs to the series of MILLE, which Pierre Maraval describes as “Human Landscapes”. This network project, where each individual is considered in relation to the others, creates a force of contact and communication between participants – especially at the end of the project when they are brought together by the opening on May 16th.

MILLE FEMMES / Montréal will then be featured in the Old Port of Montreal for three months, from June 25th to October 14th.

The portrait is going to be posted on Maraval’s website sometime after I go for my portrait and I’ll send an update once I know when it’s up... Femmes Montreal/

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